In places of high migration in Central America

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Diario La Hora
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The foreign policy between the United States, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras is sometimes difficult to understand because of the variety of fine threads; however, I would like to share an analysis in a colloquial way.

Let’s visualize that an older brother is bullying the younger brother. The goal of the older brother is corruption and impunity where there is no justice for anyone, except of course for the same elder brother who is represented by the politicians of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. The older brother counts on having 98% of impunity no matter if he kills, steals state funds, rapes, kidnaps or does any harm: no justice will be served and the price of a bullet to kill someone is only $5.00.

On the other hand, let’s visualize the younger brother who is the Honduran, Salvadoran and Guatemalan people that demand justice, compliance with the laws, fight against corruption and impunity, wants to build good governance, and wants security and justice in places of high migration. The younger brother just wants to have the same system of justice as in the United States where if a child gets hit, neglected, or does not attend school, parents are sent to court. The younger brother also wants a system where, if there is domestic violence, the man goes to jail and there are mechanisms of accompaniment for women and children. A system where if someone drives under the influence (alcohol or drugs), they go to jail. Rule of law in rural areas. A system where free market, free expression can be generated. I place to live in liberty.

On the other hand, we have the teacher who teaches to comply with the rule of law and justice, which is composed of the Human Rights Ombudsman, the Public Ministry, the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala – CICIG and the Support Mission against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras – MACCIH. The teacher is the only hope to have a system of checks and balances where human rights, the Constitution, laws, justice and the Rule of Law are respected.

Finally, we have Uncle Sam who is represented by the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the United States. Sometimes Uncle Sam turns a blind eye about the corruption and impunity of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Sometimes Uncle Sam is good people under the United States Strategy for Central America that was approved by Republicans and Democrats from the United States Congress (Consolidated Appropriations Act 2018, sec.7045 Central America). Sometimes Uncle Sam, for some strange reason, decides to back corrupt people like the President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, or Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales, who only affects U.S. internal security.

Let’s cut the chit chat. The older brother is bullying the younger brother. The younger brother complains to the teacher. The teacher pulls the older brother’s ears and tells him not to bully. The older brother complains to Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam turns a blind eye and tells the older brother to continue bullying the younger brother. Uncle Sam tells the teacher to shut up. Uncle Sam ignores the younger brother. The end result is that the younger brother migrates, therefore caravans and migration increase.

It is important to visualize that the extreme right in the United States is like a positive magnet (+) and the extreme right in Central America as another positive magnet (+), which can materialize in ideology, however in migration they are opposites polar that repel each other. The Presidents of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are interested in exporting thousands of migrants for three fundamental reasons: 1) Sustain the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 2) Increase family remittances to the country of origin so they can launder money from organized crime, corruption or drug trafficking. 3) Developing the rural thru money remittance while they steal the money from the State and become millionaires.

The Central American Presidents want to export the poor citizens to the United States so you can deal with the problems of education, health and safety and in gratitude the United States turns a blind eye and supports the corrupt Presidents of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who send migrants to U.S. The “US Strategy for Central America” is the solution and legal tool that must be retaken and the Americans must demand accountability to their U.S. authorities.

Recently, President Donald Trump indicated that he would cut aid for Central America in the Plan Alliance for Prosperity. However, for the Central American Presidents it is like telling them that they will take away pennies when they can get much more money from corruption and impunity.

In conclusion, the Presidents of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras cannot—and should not—be protected by U.S. Government unless U.S. is willing to receive more migrants who are unable to fight and build the rule of law in their home country.

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